Serving You With "Love"

Carleen Walsh was naturally drawn to becoming a celebrant. Since childhood, she has been attracted to the importance of ceremony and service. As a young child, she attended church service regularly where she would enjoy participating in all the traditions and ceremonies practiced by the local minister. She loves and is accepting of all traditions that are practiced by all faiths and is happy to adopt these practices into her wedding services wherever practical if the couple wishes.
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When you meet Carleen you are first drawn to her warm and vibrant nature.  She immediately puts you at ease, and gives you 100% of herself.  Her Celebrant business is one of her passions.

Registering as a Celebrant in 2009 became a defining moment for Carleen; she had finally discovered what she feels she was born to do.

That’s what I love doing – helping people to commune and make meaning around a common purpose.  Whether it is to celebrate the start of a new life together or to remember and recognise a life well lived, its what I get up for in the morning“.

A proud mother of two, Carleen grew up on Brisbane’s Bayside.  She brings to her Celebrant work a rich background of life and career experience.  She is a lifelong learner and firmly believes in always having a goal and striving to be the best you can be.  She wears many hats and has many pursuits and qualifications to add to her repertoire including a Bachelor of Commerce, Justice of the Peace qualifications, and Reiki II channel. 

Carleen was ordained as a Minister in July 2018.  She holds service at her local spiritual church on a monthly basis and enjoys supporting her community.

For Carleen, to be given an opportunity to do work that recognises the good in everyone, is a great privilege.  Celebrants of Brisbane enables her to do this, she says, because it encompasses all ways of bringing people together and helping them to see the good in each other “… and that for me, is so special.  It’s the life I am proud to lead,” says Carleen.  “I know I can look back and say; I was of service and as a Celebrant, I will continue to be of service“.

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