Helping You Say Goodbye

Funerals can be a significant way to starting the healing process after the initial grief of losing a family member, relative or friend.

Although it is a sad time for the bereaved when a loved one is being laid to rest, Celebrants of Brisbane understand that the occasion to mark this passage of life needs to be handled with heart and compassion in order to create a moment for family members to say goodbye.

It is said that there are five stages in the grieving process; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  Each stage must be felt and processed by the individual.  As a qualified funeral celebrant, Carleen has a natural gift for helping families and friends start this process or journey of healing.

When meeting with you and putting together just the right service, Carleen maintains a focused and gentle presence.  She likes to ensure that everyone who attends the tribute emerges with the comfort of knowing that the life of the deceased will be remembered for years to come through shared memories, and that the feelings of loss and separation are meaningful to this process.

Celebrants of Brisbane is honoured to be engaged in this capacity and places great importance on making sure that every funeral ceremony is a celebration of a life well lived.

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